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Sochi 2014: Who to Follow on Instagram

For more photos and videos from the 2014 Winter Olympics, explore the Олимпийский Стадион «Фишт» / Fisht Olympic Stadium (Opening and Closing Ceremonies), Ледовая Арена Шайба / Arena Shayba, Ледовый дворец “Большой” / Ice Dome “Bolshoi”, Дворец зимнего спорта «Айсберг» / Iceberg Skating Palace, and Комплекс трамплинов «Русские Горки» / “RusSki Gorki” Jumping Center location pages.

If you can’t make it to the 2014 Winter Olympics (@olympics) this week, don’t worry. Athletes, teams, spectators and the Olympic organization themselves will be sharing photos from the 2014 Sochi Games (@sochi2014) on Instagram.

The Olympic and Paralympic Games will take place from February 7-23 and many of the athletes, coaches, family members and officials are making their way to Sochi now. Be sure to follow these Instagrammers for a behind-the-scenes look at the Winter Olympics:


  • Mikeala Shriffrin, United States alpine ski racer – @mikaelashiffrin
  • Bode Miller, United States alpine ski racer – @millerbode
  • Ted Ligety, United States alpine ski racer – @ted_ligety
  • Patrick Meek, United States speed skater – @patjmeek
  • Sarah Hendrickson, United States women’s ski jumper – @schendrickson
  • Taylor Gold, United States snowboarder – @taylor_gold
  • Richard Shoebridge, Great Britain speed skater – @rshoei
  • Penny Coomes, Great Britain figure skater – @pennycoomes
  • Marusa Ferk, Slovenia women’s alpine skiing – @marusaferk
  • Callum Watson, Australia men’s skier – @callumwxc
  • Tarjei Boe, Norway biathlete – @tarjei_boe
  • Spencer O’Brien, Canada snowboarder – @spencerobrien
  • Elena Radionova, Russia figure skater – @lenok_radionova
  • Sofya Prosvirnova, Russia short track – @sofya_p



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